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Equal to the Gods
While staying on the farm with Xena and Gabrielle, Ares learns that the two women are lovers, and Xena has to confront her feelings for the ex-God of War. The three find themselves caught up in a strange relationship in which there is only a thin line between love and hate, compassion and jealousy, happiness and heartbreak. Contains some sexually explicit scenes, violence, and strong language.

Second Chances
After the Twilight of the Gods, an unexpected development brings Xena and a now-mortal Ares together -- but can they find lasting happiness? Told from Gabrielle's point of view. Contains violence and strong language.

A Twist of Fate
As a mortal living on a ramshackle farm, Ares suddenly finds himself in an alternate reality where he is once again the God of War and Xena, Empress of Rome, is his mistress -- but soon discovers that this new world isn't as perfect as it seemed at first. When the young Greek playwright Gabrielle enters the picture, the Empress, the God of War, and the playwright find themselves enmeshed in intrigue that may turn deadly. Based on the Season 6 X:WP episode, "When Fates Collide." Some adult scenes, violence.

The Joining Part I: Understanding
After helping Ares regain his godhood, Xena believes that he is back to his old ruthless and devious self. But a chance encounter leads to her to see a God of War struggling with the aftereffects of mortality -- and to confront some hard truths about their relationship. Contains some adult scenes.

The Joining Part II: The Test
A new campaign of conquest tests Xena's relationship with Ares and her friendship with Gabrielle, forcing Xena to once again confront the darkest part of herself, Gabrielle to grapple with her path as a warrior, and Ares to fear that he may destroy the woman he loves. Adult scenes, violence.

The Joining Part III: Reunion
A 21st Century historian studying the life of Xena, Warrior Princess finds more than she bargained for.

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